This page is a list of terms and their definitions in the context of the BoGL language.


  • argument
    A value passed to a function.

  • array
    A common data structure that is often used to implement a fixed size list or, in the case of a two dimensional array, grid.

  • B

  • board
    Synonym of array.

  • BoGL
    A domain specific teaching language developed by a team of researchers at Oregon State University. The name "BoGL" is an acronym for "Board Game Language".

  • Bool
    A data type whose possible values are True or False.

  • bug
    Synonym of error.

  • built-in
    Already defined in the BoGL language.

  • C

  • comment
    Text within program code that has been marked to be ignored by the interpreter.

  • condition
    An expression that determines the evaluation of a control structure.

  • conditional expression
    An expression that consists of three expressions. One is a condition, the value of which determines which of the other two to evaluate.

  • D

  • debugging
    The process of fixing bugs in a program.

  • definition
    A statement giving meaning to a name.

  • E

  • editor
    The textbox in which BoGL code can be written.

  • error
    An issue that causes undesired behavior or failure in a program.

  • expression
    Code that evaluates to a value.

  • extended type
    A data type whose possible values have been extended to include the possible values of another type.

  • I

  • if/else statement
    Synonym of a conditional expression.

  • input (statement)
    A BoGL keyword that, when encountered in a program, pauses execution until a value is entered by the user. The value entered by the user replaces the keyword in the program.

  • input (to a function)
    Synonym of argument.

  • Int
    A data type whose possible values are any integer.

  • interpreter
    A tool/program that interprets and executes code.

  • L

  • language error
    An error that is caught by the interpreter before the code is allowed to run.

  • let expression
    An expression that defines a value that will be used in a specific expression.

  • loop
    Synonym of repeat.

  • N

  • nested conditional expression
    A conditional expression within another conditional expression.

  • nested let expression
    A let expression within another let expression.

  • P

  • parameter
    A specific variable within a function that will be assigned the value of an argument.

  • R

  • recursion
    The act of a function calling itself.

  • runtime
    The time in which the program is running.

  • runtime error
    An error that occurs while the program is running.

  • S

  • synonym
    A name with the same meaning as another name.

  • T

  • testing
    The process of ensuring a program works the way it is intended to.

  • tuple
    A data type that consists of a pair (or trio, tetrad, pentad, etc...) of types.

  • type
    A set of possible values.

  • V

  • value definition
    A statement that assigns a type and a value of that type to a name.

  • W

  • while loop
    An expression that consists of two expressions. One is repeated as long as the other (condition) evaluates to True.